We offer 6 different styles of arbor, for delivery within 15 minutes of our location.
Set-up and breakdown is included in the rental price.

(Of course, we also offer floral design, to decorate your arbor! See more HERE.)

To rent an arbor: 

  1. Decide which arbor is best for you & your wedding.
  2. Check if the style you want is available on your date, using the calendar below. If the name of the arbor appears on the day in question, it is available.
  3. Use the form at the bottom of this page to request the rental.
  4. Awesome! We will respond to your request within 3 days. 

Aspen Arbor

Natural, elegant aspen limbs and sturdy cement footings.


Four-legged arbor with lots of décor options.

Circle Arbor

Organic shape, handmade, solid wood.

Copper Arbor

Simple, understated, and lovely.

Plain Wooden Arbor

Sturdy, simple arbor for all kinds of décor. Wooden footings.

Triangle Arbor

Modern, clean simplicity.

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