Frequently Asked Questions

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© Ryan Muglia

© Ryan Muglia

+ How are you different from a traditional florist?

  • We are a seasonal flower farm. That means that all the flowers and greenery that go into your weddng arrangements are grown here, by hand, from seed, bulb, or cutting, starting months and months before your wedding. They are tended with care and grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Because we are a farm, we sometimes have crop failures, but we grow so many different kinds of flowers (over 100 species), that it is rare that we don't have a substitute for any particular flower.
  • As designers, we favor loose, wild arrangements with depth, texture, and character, that showcase the incredible bounty of each season. We don't like to make tight, round, uniform bouquets. We have access to rare and unique material that make our arrangements truly yours. We can go out into the field to pluck that special something that will make your bouquet sparkle, and we often have a particular stem in the field in mind just for you.

+ What if my favorite flower isn't in season?

  • We grow a broad range of flowers throughout the season, including 100 different species and many different cultivars and colors within those species. We grow and arrange with many varieties that other florists can't find, or that don't travel well, or that are especially delicate and beautiful. We encourage you to let the beauty of the season guide your floral choices. However, we do have access to wholesale flowers, like any other florist, so we can get flowers from all over the world. Specialty flowers will incur extra charges. We are the right florist for the couple who has a specific color palette and style, but who isn't concerned about the exact varieties in the bouquet or arrangements.

+ What packages do you offer?

  • We offer two different packages and you can read all about them here.

+ What do I need to do to book your services?

  • First, find out if we are available on your date. Just fill out our form here. Then, we'll ask you to fill out our online order form, and create a custom estimate for you based on on that form. To save the date, we ask for a 50% deposit on the initial estimate, with the balance due 30 days before your wedding. We also ask you to sign a simple contract. We will continue to refine your vision as your date gets closer, and finalize everything 4-6 weeks before the big day.

+ What if I need to make changes to my order?

  • Changes are fine! Make any changes you need to your order up to 30 days before your wedding. After that we ask that you not make any changes, but if you must, we will charge a change fee.

+ Do you set up the flowers on the wedding day?

  • Depending on which package you choose, yes! Read more about our packages here.

+ Do you offer bulk flowers?

  • We do, depending on the season. July, August, and September are the best times to buy bulk flowers from us. If you want to DIY your wedding flowers, we can also provide you with an arranging kit and rental vases.

+ Do you only grow very bright colors?

  • We grow a huge range of flowers in all shades. Because we primarily work with brides, we do tend toward more muted colors, and lots of whites and blush. However, we love saturated colors, wildflower shades, and brights - we're able to work with all palettes!

+ Do you provide vases?

  • Yes, rental vases are included as part of your order, unless you need particular vases, which we are happy to source for you. We need our vases back at the end of the night, so plan to bring a large vase with you if you want to save or donate your flowers. We will work with your day-of coordinator to help you with this aspect of your event.

+ Do you deliver to the venue?

  • Yes, we deliver to the Lyons Farmette for free, but deliveries to other venues will incur a minimum delivery fee plus mileage.