F  U  L  L    S  E  R  V  I  C  E    W  E  D  D  I  N  G  S

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Please fill out this form to the best of your knowledge - don't fret if you don't have all the answers yet! We will talk in detail about your wedding during your in-person consultation, and iron out any kinks. This form will simply help us give you an initial idea of your cost.

Basic Information
Tell us about yourselves!
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Primary Contact for Communications and Payments *
Primary Contact for Communications and Payments
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Wedding Day Details
Please describe where the ceremony will take place at the venue.
Ceremony Time *
Ceremony Time
What is your approximate flower budget? *
Approximate is fine :)
Round, long?
If you don't know yet, or aren't sure, we can help!
To help us size your bouquet.
Style & color
Link to your Pinterest board or a collection of photos with your flower ideas. Really helpful to us, but not required. Alternately, you may email us photos you love.
Day-Of Contact *
Day-Of Contact
Who is your day-of planner or the person we should direct questions to on your wedding day?
Day-of Contact Phone *
Day-of Contact Phone
Personal Flowers
Please choose the items and quantities you'd like us to include in our initial estimate.
For a junior bridesmaid or moms.
A small halo for a child.
Slides easily into any hairstyle.
Wired flowers to pin into your style.
Petite floral accents for the gentlemen.
Intricate floral jewelry designed on a gold cuff bracelet.
Fabulous arrangements to drape on the shoulder.
We can make necklaces, armbands, rings, and more - describe what you'd love to see!
Ceremony Flowers
Estimate the number of feet.
A large, stunning piece for an aisle entrance or to frame the ceremony, or elsewhere.
Reception Flowers
Petite bouquets for your cocktail set up.
Pairs well with drinks ;)
Layered, fascinating arrangements for your guests' eyes to feast upon.
Petite vases in varying shapes and sizes, on their own or interspersed with centerpieces.
A layered line of greenery down the center of long tables.
Estimate the number of feet. An 8-foot long table requires 13 feet of garland for the ends to drape to the ground on both sides.
This is the place to describe any unique ideas you have!