Carefully prepared dahlia tubers
for flowers in all shapes, sizes, and colors.



Order your dahlia tubers now for shipment in the second week of April. I do not ship until then so that your tubers will not be damaged by freezing temperatures while they are in the mail - sorry, no exceptions!

I cannot ship internationally.

There is a free PICK UP option if you can make it to the Boulder area on the dates specified.

Pick up dates:

  • April 13 and 14, 9am-5pm

  • April 15-18, 5pm-8pm

  • April 21, 9am-5pm

I will send the exact pick up location in early April.

A Note On Color

With varieties I was able to photograph myself, I endeavored to capture the color as it looked on my farm. For photos I’ve had to borrow from others, I chose images I felt showed the true color of the dahlia.