Farmette Flowers is a boutique flower farm and design studio in Lyons, Colorado.

We are a group of passionate young farmers and designers with an exuberant love for the land we grow on. We grow unique and hard-to-find varieties for our wedding work, for our flower share members, and for local business customers. We are committed to organic techniques and to our stewardship of the land. We grow and design for over 60 weddings per year, and we hope to have 20 members in our flower share program this year. During the summer, you can find our flowers at the Lyons Concert Series and at the St. Vrain Market. 

It is a happy place.

As designers, we favor wild, loose, organic-looking bouquets and arrangements that arch and sweep out of their containers and call attention to the complex designs of nature herself. We like our flowers to look like they have just been picked - because they have! Because we grow our own material, we are intimately familiar with how the plant grows, and how it looks its best. We can go out to the field for that extra special something, and we can save that one perfect flower for exactly the right spot, and for the right person. We love crafting pieces that embody the spirit of the season.


Our Beautiful People

© Chris Benzakein

© Chris Benzakein

Helen Skiba, Owner

Farmette Flowers is owned and operated by Helen Skiba, a Colorado native, former English major, and returned Peace Corps Volunteer. She is a dedicated grower and tender of soil, and brings a background in soil science and poetry to her field work, as well as a passion for intricate color and texture in her designs. Helen studied floral design as an intern at the Lyons Farmette, and at Floret, one of the nation’s leading farmer-florist operations. She holds a Master’s of Agriculture from Colorado State University, where she completed her thesis in combination with her Peace Corps service in an indigenous community in the Ecuadorian Amazon. If you make a grammar or spelling mistake, she'll be sure to let you know ;)

© Ryan Muglia

© Ryan Muglia

Kim Watters, Floral Design

After working as a Farmette intern, Kim grew into her role as design partner quickly and effortlessly. She uses a background in beadwork to find the perfect color combinations for her fascinating, lively bouquets, her large-scale ceremony arrangements, and her favorites - boutonnières, wristlets, and crowns - the "tiny things" that make every wedding special. She is someone who understands how a certain color can make two people feel entirely different things. If you hear a squeal, it's probably Kim with a tiny, tiny flower in her hand. Someday, she'll have her own flower farm, with all the tiniest flowers, and a field full of only baby animals. 

© Ryan Muglia

© Ryan Muglia

Grant Hamil, Field Manager

Grant also started as a Farmette intern, and has been an integral part of our success. He is a passionate beekeeper, kraut-and-kimchi-maker, and connoisseur of all things good to eat and drink. If you visit our fields, you will no doubt hear Grant whooping and hollering about some beautiful thing he has found, whether a new wild bee, a spiral inside a flower, or just a color that knocks his socks off. He keeps us all full of wonder and gratitude that we get to work and live in this beautiful place. 

Our Apprentices

Our apprentices are an integral part of our farm, and we love sharing our life with them each summer. 
Learn more about our apprenticeship program here.

Alex Zeidner, Field Apprentice

Alex is from Fort Collins, Colorado. From a young age he has loved working with plants and growing food in his family garden. During his studies at the University of Colorado, he worked on several organic vegetable farms.  Since graduating in 2014 with degrees in Environmental Studies and Anthropology, he has been working on organic farms here in Boulder County. He is excited to transition this year from large-scale organic vegetable production to specialty cut-flower production. He’s also excited to work with the Farmette crew, some of his most beloved compadres. 

Keri Dorman, Floral Design

Keri is from deep in the heart of Texas, though consciously well-traveled around the United States. She has dedicated her life to a spiritual path and purpose.  She has worked in floral design for over 4 years, apprenticing some amazing leaders along the way, from Boulder to North Carolina. Her background education is in agriculture and she has many years of experience in horticulture as well as animal husbandry.  In years past, she spent many hours volunteering at the Farmette. When not floral designing, Keri is a wellness consultant and yoga instructor working in and around Boulder. She values helping others and being a catalyst for learning and change. 

Our Beautiful Farm


Farmette Flowers is located at the Lyons Farmette, where we are lucky to be part of the great wedding venues run by Betsy Burton and Mike Whipp. It is nestled in a little pocket of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, which certainly presents its challenges - it's dry, the sun is hot, and the winters are cold. But we love this place deeply and we wouldn't trade it for any other. We make our own compost and compost tea, sow our flowers from seed starting in deep winter, and we plant, cultivate, and harvest everything by hand. It is our privilege and our pleasure to do so.